As well as being the best large cabin, long range business jet in its class, the Gulfstream GIV® is also a direct descendent of the renowned GIII-series aircraft, the best-selling business jet in the world.

The GIV® is an outstanding aircraft from the outset. It can reach a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.88 at high altitudes, and carry a management team of eight up to 3850 nautical miles (7310 km) at its normal cruise speed of Mach 0.80. With its intercontinental range, the GIV® easily links Perth with Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Male, South Korea, Europe and the United States.

The GIV®’s cockpit bristles with the same advanced technology found on all other large cabin Gulfstream aircraft.
In addition to its technological highlights, GIV® passengers will appreciate the jet’s ambient features. Sunshine streams through Gulfstream’s signature oval windows, while 100 percent fresh air is circulated throughout the cabin. Advanced soundproofing ensures the working environment is ‘whisper’ quiet.

The inherent value of the GIV® is evident in its lineage, its dispatch reliability rate, which is greater than 99.8 percent. Like all members of the Gulfstream fleet, the GIV® is sustained by Gulfstream’s vast, worldwide product support network. More than 3,000 trained professionals stationed at strategically located service centers, authorized warranty centers and line service facilities around the world stand ready to meet the needs of the GIV® fleet.

The same Gulfstream team that won the 2003 Collier Trophy, the most prestigious award in aviation today, also developed the GIV®. Whether you cross a continent or an ocean, the GIV® will exceed your expectations.

The map below illustrates the approximate range of this aircraft. The shaded area indicates how far the aircraft can travel non-stop, without refuelling. Use the text boxes below to check if this aircraft can fly non-stop to your chosen destination.

If your destination pin is outside of the shaded area,  please call Revesco Operations on 1300 630 737 for a more detailed analysis of your chosen destination and to include refuelling stops.