The Fleet

Gulfstream 4SP

The Gulfstream IV SP is a luxourious long range business jet that can take up to fifteen passengers nonstop to any city in Australia, and most destinations in South East Asia, as well as only one stop to anywhere in New Zealand from Perth.

The Gulfstream IV SP features a seven club seats and two divans in a two cabin configuration, allowing you to hold meetings with your staff or clients, or alternatively, work quietly on your business whilst en-route. Alternatively dine, then head to the second cabin to sleep in privacy.

The Gulfstream IV SPs wide cabin is designed to provide you with more all-around comfort, convenience and connectivity; allowing you to stretch your legs as well as your personal productivity and performance.
This aircraft is fitted with a plush, wood grained interior, sumptuous adjustable leather recliners and a sound system with multi-screen DVD player.

Your on board flight attendant, operating out of a full service airline galley, will provide discreet service catering to your personal requirements.

This aircraft has been serviced from new by the manufacturer.

The Gulfstream IV SP is an impressive corporate jet with outstanding mission flexibility.

Effective Range Non Stop 7715 km with 9 Passengers

General Specifications & Equipment

MTOW: 74,600lbs/33,909kgs
Max Ramp Weight: 75,000lbs/34,090kgs
Max Landing Weight: 66,000lbs/30,000kgs
Max Zero Fuel Weight: 49000lbs/22,272kgs
BOW: 44,218lbs/20,099kgs
Max Fuel Capacity: 29500lbs/13,409kgs
Max Flt Level: 450
TAS: 460kts
Max Range: 4166nm
Normal Range: 3880nm
Endurance: approx 8 hours with 6 pax At altitude