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Revesco Aviation is a Perth based boutique private jet charter and aircraft management company dedicated to providing aircraft maintenance, charter, asset management, aircraft hangarage, ground support and aircraft sales and acquisition .

We understand that owning an aircraft is a major investment that comes with considerable responsibilities and expense. When you choose Revesco Aviation to manage the operation of your aircraft, you gain a full range of services focused on security, safety, and first-class service. Our focus on the management of your aviation asset allows you to simply enjoy the benefits of your investment – flexibility, convenience and reliability.

One of the keys to our success is dedicating highly experience professionals to the management of your asset and having an organization structure that supports the highest level of customer service. All the services we provide to you support you and your aircraft revolve around safety – our number one priority.

At Revesco Aviation we have been managing a fleet of small to large jets for in excess of 10 years – and we fully understand the high costs of owning a jet aircraft. Budgeting and costs can be complicated, but Revesco Aviation takes pride in offering its owners a customized management experience.

Revesco Aviation provides certified trained and dedicated flight and cabin crews. Our operations staff co-ordinates domestic and international travel, carefully arranging and managing all of the customs, clearances, catering and ground permits and parking. Our aircraft owners can be assured that their aircraft is being handled professionally and efficiently by our experienced professional staff.

Revesco Aviation has a philosophy of treating each aircraft as an individual business.
Aircraft Management Services

- Hangar space
- Aircraft management and consulting advice
- Advice for the operation, maintenance and administration of the aircraft
- Assist with obtaining, maintaining, and renewing of insurances
- Negotiate with vendors to gain the most favourable pricing for all the products and services on behalf of the owner
- Oversee aircraft operating costs
- Arrange and assist with any extra projects such as refurbishment or aircraft modifications
- Oversee maintenance to include providing parts and labour
- Ensure compliance with all service bulletin and directives
- Co-ordinate and implement all hiring and training of flight personnel
Flight Operations & Dispatch

- Provide 24 hour flight scheduling
- Co-ordinate all flight requests including ferry, training, maintenance and owner flights
- Follow procedures for dispatching aircraft and scheduling of pilots
- Co-ordinate activities so the aircraft is fully operations and the aircraft and flight crews are positioned for departure
- Provide information on weather and other conditions that could reasonably impact flight schedules
- Arrange for security of the aircraft, landing permits, clearances, handling, hangarage and catering
- Assist with trip planning
Flight Operations Management

- Maintain a complete and accurate record of the qualifications, ratings, certificates, and training of all flight crews
- Schedule and arrange appropriate training for all flight crew and oversee quality of training delivered
- Robust management infrastructure to drive accountability and standardization
- Assist flight crews in maintaining all flight manuals including airway charts, approach plates, software and other documents and materials required to support aircraft operations

In addition, mandatory for all crew members –
- Company safety policy
- Accident prevention and risk assessment
- Incident, accident and hazard reporting
- Flight and maintenance operations monitoring
- Emergency response plan
- International procedures training and crew resource management
Maintenance Management

- Schedule all inspections, modifications, and repairs to comply with all applicable regulations, manufacturer’s instructions and repairs or modifications, to comply with any other laws or regulations
- Monitor warranty programs, parts and engine programs and any other programs to ensure the owner receives the maximum benefits available
- Advise the owner on equipment and modifications that may enhance the performance, utility or aesthetics of the aircraft
- Oversight of aircraft maintenance cost on behalf of the owner